Bet on the legacy box: the ‘Amino NAB Upcycling Challenge’ to operators looking to upgrade

Seeking the smart, cost-effective way to solve legacy issues and deliver modern TV experiences? At NAB Show 2019, Amino is betting it can help

‘Believe in the Box’ – meaning a modern, agile set-top box (STB) – is a philosophy that remains central to Amino’s approach to empowering pay-TV operators to deliver next-generation TV experiences. The STB remains at the core of the home entertainment universe as the household TV hub while, for operators, it sustains their connection to the consumer by putting their brand within the subscriber home – both on the device and on the TV screen. The box continues to evolve, along with technology and consumer habits, forcing many operators to assess whether the legacy hardware they have still does what they need.

The issue is that most pay-TV operators have invested millions in STBs, the truck rolls needed for their deployment, integration and ongoing support – and it is not easy to walk away from that investment. But many are also facing growing expectations from their customers, who live in a multiscreen, over-the-top TV world in which features such as digital video recorder, catch-up TV, video on demand, unified search, a modern user interface and access to the latest apps are all readily available via the newest STBs.

Until very recently, pay-TV operators that wanted to upgrade to offer this type of leading-edge functionality while maintaining a unified service were faced with limited choices. The options ranged from ‘do nothing’ – and run the risk of continually losing customers to competitors with more advanced offerings – to ‘lift and replace’ the entire STB estate.

For many operators, the ‘lift and replace’ model seems to be the obvious – albeit most costly – solution to providing a modern unified service that enables them to meet the demands of today’s connected consumers. At first glance, the upside seems impressive: rapid transition with no legacy STBs to deal with. But it soon becomes clear there are major shortcomings: high near-term capital and operating costs – which are quickly in the millions of dollars for operators dealing with tens of thousands of deployments – and unmanageable timescales for mass implementation, leading to the risk of a significant and potentially irreversible subscriber base churn point.

Another strategy would be to ‘cap and grow’ by launching a premium offering alongside a current service. While this enables an operator to provide advanced functionality, the downside is the increased and costly operational complexity of running two services, the inability to offer a unified user experience (UX) and the potential resentment of customers stuck with the choice of a B-level service versus higher subscription fees.

There is a smarter, more cost-effective route, however, to creating the device agility operators need to meet consumer demands and provide a unified UX: using software and virtualization to ‘upcycle’ existing STBs. Upcycling gives operators the agility to maximize investment in deployed STBs, while at the same time providing leading edge features and functionality. In this way, they are able to slash CAPEX, deployment and support costs, while dramatically reducing the timescales of rolling out an upgrade – a critical factor in today’s highly competitive market.

To illustrate exactly what we are talking about, we are launching the Amino NAB Upcycling Challenge: using our precision Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation engine, we will show you exactly how you can achieve the device agility necessary to transform your TV offering using legacy equipment. The basic criteria are simple:

1. Do you have 50K+ boxes to upgrade?
2. Are you looking for up to 80% CAPEX reduction?
3. Do you need to see results this financial year?

To take the Amino NAB Upcycling Challenge at NAB Show 2019 (April 6th to 11th) in Las Vegas, just contact (with “Taking the NAB Challenge” the subject line) to book an appointment and discuss your needs and the details of your potential upgrade project. You will then visit our team at the Amino Wynn Salon Suite (check in at the lobby of the Wynn Tower Suites, accessed via the South Gate) to discuss your needs further and run through the results.

If you take the Challenge, you will come away with a detailed, tailored assessment of how the upcycling solution can save your organization capital investment and operational costs – and just what those savings will be.